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The Company–

Phalanx Technologies (P) Limited is an India-based company that specializes in the setup, delivery, marketing and maintenance of secure Internet Wireless Communications for individuals, businesses & entire communities. Phalanx Technologies (P) Limited offers custom, ground-up city-area Internet and Lease Line installation and delivery through Centralized Wireless Module.

Phalanx Technologies (P) Limited will make it easier and more affordable for our customers to provide Internet access.

We will decrease the costs of their initial installation, allow for portability, and provide high-quality, ongoing customer service. For our investors, we will provide a ground-level entry port to the next high-impact technology trend, turning around high value returns.

The Company's Global Delivery Model provides for the best resources to be drawn from its vast talent pool across the globe to offer optimal solutions. The Company integrates its products and services to create customized solutions to allow you to undertake technology-based business transformation that allows reorganization in line with today's dynamic digital business environment.

Who we are:-

The core team of Phalanx Technologies has experts from IT, Programming and Management fields. Together, we innovate ideas. We are happy to have the most creative, talented and professional people working with us.

Our experienced and skilled product research and due-diligence unit has a customer need driven view to offer our customer's appropriate products and services. We pride ourselves in the customer centricity of our entire sales process and our dedicated team of business development professionals helps us offer product and services to you that are appropriate, relevant and based on your profile and need.

Our team sticks to a definite set of quality control measures and under no circumstances we would compromise in that quality. This is just the beginning of our long journey. We will grow further; offer the best products and services.

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M :+91-7814252789